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Today: heart disease and dementia, smart homes and aging


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Having two cardiometabolic diseases (like heart disease and diabetes) increases likelihood of dementia

A study published on the 16th of June by the Alzheimer’s Association has found having two or more cardiometabolic diseases (like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke) increases the likelihood of developing dementia. The study observed 2577 participants at or over the age of 60. Over a 12 year period, initially dementia-free participants were observed for cognitive decline. If a participant had two or more cardiometabolic diseases, it was found it accelerated the onset of dementia by approximately two years.

Smart homes can help transition from independence to assisted living

Forbes took a look at smart home technology and how it can help with in-home care and prolong independence before moving to an assisted living facility. Voice activated technologies, bluetooth tracking, and smart hubs can help you find missing devices, call for help, get reminders for things like medications, and protect yourself from intruders. Some companies are even wading into smart medication dispensers.

Ben Garves
Ben Garves
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